In December 1988 a new jewellery store name «CONSTANTINOS» opened on a central street in Kavala. Its owner was a young man of 25 years. He envisioned creating something unique, a true gem for his city.

The ‘CONSTANTINOS’ store is impressive, welcoming and friendly, and to this day, decades later, successfully continues to create a singular sense of luxury and a special atmosphere that makes every customer feel unique.

Today, almost 35 years later, the same desire for singular jewellery of the highest aesthetic still burns brightly. His many years of undisputed experience and scientific training are the main reasons for the relationship of complete trust between Constantinos Chatziyiannakis himself and his valued customers.

New Arrivals

Δώρο για Εκείνον

Gifts for Him

Constantinos 2022 jewellery collection for men

Δώρο για Εκείνη

Gifts for Her

Constantinos 2022 jewellery collection for woman

Constantinos High Jewellery

Unique gemstones and metals feature design and fine craftsmanship (possibly handmade), usually sourced from a famous designer or jewelry house